March 10, 2014

Linii in stil dadaist / Lines in dada style

Azi va indeamnam sa iesiti dintre ”linii” si sa faceti lucrurile pe dos asemenea dadaismului. Ce e drept, se preta o postarea care sa incropeze dadaismul in februarie, intrucat atunci ia nastere acest curent in mod oficial. Totusi, cred ca o iesire din cotidian ne face mereu bine, videoul de azi are efect dada.

Ne-a prins curentul ce sa ii faci, saptamana de hazard va uram in linii si culori.

Today you are encouraged to get out of the "lines" and also make things upside down as Dadaism. Admittedly, they lend a tepid posting to Dadaism in February, since this trend arises formally. However, I guess to think outside the box always makes us better,  the video of today has a dada effect

The DADA current caught us there you go, we wish a hazard week in lines and colors.

While You Were Steeping: Geoff McFetridge from Bigelow Website Team on Vimeo.

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